Which spots in Dubai you must visit?

Dubai is a place filled with amazingly designed buildings that touch the sky lines. At night, the large number of lights inside the buildings gives an exciting look to the buildings. Besides these, many restaurants and amazing visiting sites are here under construction to enhance their charm. The desert safari and the dhow cruise Dubai are the charming sites of Dubai. These are the main points of attraction in Dubai. If you are going to make a plan to visit somewhere exciting, then these will be the best points to see. People from national and international level are curious for seeing something that they never seen before. Quickly visit these beautiful sites in the pictures there and make a trip confirmation with us.

 Events that can be organized on the dhow cruise

The two different kinds of Dubai Dhow Cruise are offered by our company. The trend of arranging events in restaurants is being replaced by the dhow cruise. It is a boat without wings that makes you feel like you could fly in the air. A number of events that can be arranged on the dhow cruise are; 

  • Birthday events for your beloved ones.
  • Personal events.
  • A bridal shower event
  • Arrangements for your baby shower can be arranged there.
  • Anniversary.
  • Social events.  
  • Birthdays

 If you are looking for events to celebrate the birthdays of your loved ones, this site is perfect for booking them. You can book a surprising dinner celebration there. The presence of fresh air with the surprising music played by an experienced and popular DJ on the dhow cruise under the skyline.

Bridal Shower 

Nowadays, there are increasing trends of celebrating pre-wedding events. The event that was celebrated few days ago before the main event. It is a form of celebration with friends and siblings. A team of professional photographers has been assembled on the Dhow Cruise to document your entire event. By organizing this event on a dhow cruise here, you can make your event memorable. 


 The most memorable and special days of your life can be made much more exciting with celebrations held on a dhow cruise. This day is celebrated in honour of your exciting time together. On the dhow cruise, you can surprise your spouse with arranging a candle light dinner. With music playing on dhow cruises in the lights of the amazing buildings that stand side by side there.

Social events 

For organizing your achievements with your friends or with your family members. These social gatherings that can be arranged there include business meetings, for throwing parties. Social events for promotional purposes can be arranged there. Many popular film directors have their success parties there. So these events can be celebrated on the dhow cruise.

 How to book your events on the Dhow Cruise with us?

To make your events memorable on the Dhow Cruise with us, you have to make a pre-booking before the actual date of your event. For any questions and information, our website is open 24 hours for booking purposes. You just need to tell us the main details of the event and the number of people to make arrangements for. 

Why is desert safari so popular in Dubai?

A number of features are present in the desert safaris that make it famous in Dubai. The sand lying on the land of a desert safari changes the concept of seeing nature. This desert carries a number of functions in itself. We offer various features in desert safaris, like the dancing shows. This increases the level of enjoyment on the land of Dubai. The sun’s light raises the beauty of the desert safari land. The desert safari is fully composed of all the amazing sites under the blue sky. You can arrange a thrilling tour or a one-day tour there. Take your time out of your busy schedule and go there for a fun-filled dinner.  

Events going on in the desert safari 

Similarly, the Dhow Cruise and Desert Safari events are well-attended. The shows of belly dance there help to mesmerize you. The tanoura is a dance show that is performed by males in the form of a group. A well organized dinner table here awaits you at night. While in the booking of the morning package, lunch is organized there for you. The dinner table is filled with deliciously cooked meals. The desserts prepared by using amazing recipes consist of two or more dishes in the menu. After the main course dinner, the dessert menu includes ice cream, cakes, and sweets.

Why are henna paintings so popular in desert safaris?

The tattoo maker sits there and gives you the service of beautifully designed paintings on your body during Desert Safari Dubai. You can get your henna paintings made by our professional experts. The floral and cartoon designs can be made by them in affordable packages. The henna designs are unique and give you an amazing experience on the sandy land. 

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