Who Benefits The Most From A Natural & Organic Latex Mattress?

One size surely doesn’t fit all. Each person has a different sleep profile, weight, shape and size that requires special attention when selecting a mattress. With the growing interest in eco-friendly products too, consumers are increasingly opting for brands that work with natural and biodegradable ingredients. Much like an organic latex mattress that ticks all sleep and comfort requirements while being a sustainable option too. But first things first, what is a latex mattress and who benefits most from one?

For those of you living under a rock (or a bed), read on to know how you can benefit from sleeping on a natural & organic latex mattress.

Latex Foam in Mattresses

Latex as a material is a popular choice in mattresses for its natural source and buoyant nature. Harvested from trees, latex is processed in three types:

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  • Natural: The most natural option available, this type of foam is made from all in all-natural latex. The sap harvested from rubber trees is whipped into a froth and baked to form natural latex layers that offer blissful comfort in mattresses. Being all-natural, it is also the most durable foam available and biodegradable too.
  • Synthetic: People with latex allergies who want to benefit from latex mattress features opt for this option as it is closest to natural latex through imitation.  It is constructed from a man-made material called styrene-butadiene rubber that creates the same feel as a natural latex mattress but with the help of chemicals and additives in the mix.
  • Blended: Blended latex mattresses come with a mix of 30% natural and 70% synthetic latex. Because of the mix of natural latex, it is definitely a more durable option than synthetic alone.Read more about Tamilmv

Who can benefit the most from Organic Latex Mattress?

A good latex mattress can benefit anyone who wants a deep, pain-free night of sleep. However, there are some extra benefits that cater to a specific category of people more than others.

  • Synthetic allergy

If you fall under the category of people who are allergic to synthetic materials, natural latex is for you. Many mattress manufacturers make the hurried option of synthetic mattresses that are much cheaper than most mattress types and are made of synthetic rubber with chemicals. While they offer firm support to the body like a natural, they can trigger severe allergies to some owing to the material. With natural latex, you get to experience toxin-free, allergy-free, all-natural comfort while fast asleep.

  • Chronic pain or Injuries

Ask anyone suffering from chronic pain or recovering from injuries and they will tell you all they want is a good night’s sleep with no pain. Being sleep-deprived can stop the process of healing and instead increase the distress of being in pain. While ongoing medications and treatment plans help, getting a good mattress to rest on can add instant relief. People who suffer from such pains are increasingly choosing latex mattresses for the firm support the mattress gives, no matter what the sleep position. When our body is given plenty of support to maintain its natural S-curve shape while asleep, it spends time doing what’s needed- to heal. Rather than tossing and turning to find the most comfortable position!Read more about Tamilmv

  • Allergies

Living in a tropical humid country like India can be challenging for allergy sufferers.  When it rains, it pours, leaving the air moist and ready for all types of bacteria, fungus, mildew, mould and dust mites to cuddle right in with you in bed. These can easily trigger allergy sufferers resulting in an unsafe, unhygienic bed to sleep on. Not to mention the annoying sniffles and reactions to deal with at night with the triggers. Latex is a naturally antimicrobial and eco-friendly material which means it repels any micro-organisms that are looking to breed on your mattress. It’s the perfect option for people suffering from allergies all year round and for families with small babies

  • Buoyancy and Durability

Let’s admit. No one likes to shop for mattresses every few years. When you do invest in one, you want it to last a few years without changing shape or sagging over the years. The buoyant nature of latex means, it responds quickly to pressure and regains shape instantly. This means you’ll never feel like a sinking ship while sleeping on the mattress and once you are up the mattress goes back into shape. Latex mattresses are known to have a longer life span in comparison to many other mattress types owing to their organic source. Sleep well on a trusted latex mattress.

  • Low maintenance

Living in a bustling city? No time to sanitise and flip your mattress? If you are looking to buy the best mattress online in Bangalore, be assured a natural latex mattress won’t let you down. For a mattress that offers even support across the surface, relieves pressure points and doesn’t lose shape and natural latex mattresses need very low maintenance. Being naturally buoyant and antimicrobial in nature, it doesn’t lose shape for a really long time while ensuring no creepy crawlies thrive inside the mattress. The least most mattress brands recommend, is to flip it 180 degrees to avoid wear and tear on the same side.

  • Zero motion transfer

The core of a latex mattress is very dense, making it absorb the weight of your body and even contour your shape. This makes it an exciting option for those who get disturbed easily when their partner tosses and turns in sleep. Latex mattresses encourage zero motion transfer by absorbing movements and allowing all sleepers to sleep well.

The milky white discharge tapped from rubber trees brings about an elastic property that works wonders when used in mattresses. Opting for natural latex means there are zero toxic chemicals released from the mattress making it the safest and most breathable mattress in town. Brands like Wakefit, offer latex mattresses with an additional memory foam layer underneath, tailored to adapt to the shape of the sleeper. The delightful layering of latex, memory foam and a high resilience foam layer at the bottom relieves any pressure points creating the ultimate package for a restful sleep.

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