Why do Entrepreneurs need new Website Design built by professionals?

Most entrepreneurs start out their journey with the attitude “i gotta spend less to make more”. While money management and risk management are crucial aspects of success entrepreneurial ventures, your website should not be a slap-dash cheap site built using Wix, or by a Fiverr freelance.

Aleph Website  has developed many websites, and helped many entrepreneurs expand their business online. They build e-commerce stores, marketing funnels, superb web design and they run it all with hand-crafted light codes to make your website fast. On top of that, they offer it all for a very very very low price!!!


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Aleph Website helps you understand why you, as an entrepreneur, need a new website design built by professionals:

Web Design that assimilates your marketing funnel and is oriented toward sales conversions

Design needs to be:

  • beautiful,
  • in-line with industry expectation,
  • innovative enough to stand out and
  • Representative of your actual marketing funnel that gets you customers

For this reason, a team of professionals focused on different aspects of design to succeed at nailing all these aspects of web design.

A freelancer cannot get the job done. He (or She) is likely to just copy your competition. There lies the problem, as you won’t stand out when you copy competition…

Or you build the website using Wix, or Squarespace. In doing so, the design is not fully in-line with industry expectations, so you keep modifying the design until it no longer is beautiful. Also, how many years of experience of web design do you have?

Exactly. This all brings you to the conclusion you cannot dodge. A good web design requires a 3-member team of professionals:

  1. A Talented and Creative Web Designer
  2. An expert content marketing and SEO specialist
  3. A Senior Web developer

Such a team is at your service if you hire Aleph Website!

2. Website optimization and maintenance

After the website is completed, you’ll need to continuously optimize and maintain for high performance, fast loading and handling many https requests.

Most entrepreneurs don’t know this. After a few months, they report:

  • website is bugging
  • it is slow,
  • It is not completing functions correctly
  • Users seem to have bad experience even though the design is good
  • SEO rankings are dropping even though you hired someone to do this for you.

Why is all of this happening?


The developer who has crafted the codes and set up your web basis is the one responsible for maintenance. If you hire someone else they will always fail at completing the job properly.

However, since you have zero web dev experience, you’ll see results and say “well, this is good enough.” Not knowing the bitter truth; your website is damaged and you’ll soon need a new one!

3. Website growth and adaptation to  Business changes

As you grow your business and develop new strategies to target new customers, or add a new product line, your website needs to follow these changes.

Best practice is that the business changes are in full assimilated on your website too. Most entrepreneurs would just upload a product page, not thinking of what are the customers expectations and what keywords need to be used.

The reality is that you need to conduct market research and optimize the content for this newly targeted market segment.

4. Aleph Website – Professional and cheap website design

Aleph Website is somewhat an expert in the field of web design and development. They have 10+ years of experience building websites and have mastered the process to allow you to get top-notch small business and entrepreneur websites at a very low price.

Here is Aleph Website Pricing:

TOTAL COST $2,500 $4,500


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