Why Do You Find It So Hard To Have Fun?

If you are honest with yourself, do you have enough fun in your life? Take a step back and assess things, and you might realize that you don’t; instead, you work and then come home and – hopefully – unwind, but do little else besides this. It’s a shame if this is the case, since having fun isn’t only an enjoyable thing to do, but it can help your mental health too. Plus, it makes life so much better. With that in mind, here are some reasons some people find it hard to have fun. If any of them resonate with you, you can start to do something about it and change the way you live your life for the better.

You’re Distracted At Work

Work takes up a lot of our time, and therefore it needs to be done in the right way. If you are distracted too much of the time because of chatty coworkers, a boss who keeps piling more and more tasks on you, or simply a job you don’t really like so you’re always daydreaming and never really focused, you’ll find that work takes up a lot more time than it should. You’ll always be working because you can never really concentrate on getting things done. When this happens, it means there is no time for fun.

If you can eliminate these workplace distractions, you’ll find that you get your work done much more quickly. This will allow you time to enjoy yourself, whether that’s getting Broadway tickets and seeing a show, starting a new hobby, going out with friends, or anything else. You could try wearing noise-canceling headphones, moving desks away from the window, or, if the problem is because you work from home, finding a shared office space, for example.

You Don’t Commit To Appointments

Maybe it’s not the fact that you don’t have a lot of time for fun things, but more the fact that you can’t seem to commit to them. When someone asks you if you want to join them in a fun activity, what do you do? Do you say yes but then wish you hadn’t? Do you tell them you’ll let them know later and never do? Both of these are very common, but both will lead you to not having any fun at all.

This is because the former feeling is likely to have you canceling your appointments and get-togethers, making some excuse as to why you can’t go. The latter means you’ll just forget about it all together. It can be hard to change your routine and go and have some fun, but the fact is that once you do go, you’ll enjoy yourself and feel so much better. Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, it’s best to stick to your appointments and make them in the first place so that you can experience new things.

You Spend Too Much Time On Your Smartphone

Many people say they have no time to have any fun – they work long hours and then there just isn’t time to do anything else. Sometimes this will be accurate, but even those who work long hours will have days off from time to time during which they can go out (or stay in) and have fun.

Many people who say they have no time do have the time, it’s just that they happen to be spending it on their smartphones, perhaps without even realizing what they are doing. These devices, as well as tablets and, to some extent, laptops, are incredibly addictive, and although they can be useful, they should be limited if you want to enhance your life. Stop scrolling through your social media feeds and look out – go outside, breathe in the fresh air, and try something different; you might have some fun.

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