Why is Your Skincare Routine Not Working?

The pursuit of perfect skin is rarely a straightforward path. If you have been struggling to work out which products to use and what works well on your skin for some time now, you might be frustrated by how impossible it seems. Achieving glowing skin is one challenge, but putting up with the disappointment of trial and error can be hugely discouraging. Take a look at these possible reasons for your skincare routine letting you down and how you could overcome them.

You Are Using the Wrong Products

Although similar products created by different companies might claim to serve the same purpose, the list of ingredients will reveal just how varied skincare can be. In addition to this, what works for one person might be a terrible product for your skin. Getting it right takes a lot of patience and can potentially cost a lot of money. In the beginning, make small and incremental adjustments to your routine so that you can swap out products one at a time, saving money and protecting your skin from a barrage of constant changes.

Your Skin Has Changed

Perhaps you once enjoyed a perfect skincare routine that served you well, but now find that those same miracle products no longer work for you. There are many reasons this could have happened, such as an unfamiliar climate, moving home, or changes to your health. Changes in your skin, such as new dryness or an excess of oil, could be simply a natural progression or a symptom of other influences impacting your skin.

You Are Missing the Real Issue

Maybe you are dissatisfied with your skincare routine because the products don’t work, and you are trying to tackle the wrong complaint. If you’ve been misguidedly over-exfoliating your face because you think it needs it, perhaps you are actually noticing a few new wrinkles or sagging. You can learn more about how to approach facial lines and what skin care is best for different purposes, but trying to create the ideal concoction of lotions and potions without expert input won’t get you far. Learn more about identifying your true skin concerns before rushing in to try and fix something else.

You’ve Only Tried a Skin-Centric Approach

Even if you have landed on the perfect skincare routine, you may still experience problems with your skin. If, for example, you fail to change your bedding regularly, then you will notice this on your skin. If you use your phone in the bathroom and don’t disinfect it afterward, your skin will try to tell you. What you eat, where you go, and how often you clean anything that touches your face will impact the glow of your skin.

You Require Specialist Help

Sometimes it has nothing to do with your inability to find the right routine. Skin can often have underlying issues that only a trained dermatologist or other medical practitioner can solve. If you continue to suffer from ongoing skin problems, seek professional advice.

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