Why Project Controlling is Important?

Unfortunately, we have some managers who are disorganized in their work. You will notice that these are the ‘bosses’ who never hold meetings with their teams. Again they run critical projects without work plans or verifiable project scopes. Without fear of contradiction, we can call it “unprofessional management.” To worsen the matter, these types of managers aren’t accountable for their ongoing or stalled projects. Projects that are managed this way end failing and are evidence of embezzled funds!

No matter how small or magnificent is a project, there is a need for proper project controlling. The project control method depends on the management methodology you prefer.

Importance of Project Controlling.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) defines project control as the process of tracking, reviewing, and regulating the process of meeting the project performance objectives that are defined in the project’s management plan. Trying to figure out this statement, you’ll realize that you need to implement several controls to successfully run a project.

According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), a project is a temporary endeavour with a definite beginning and end. The fact that it has a definite start and end explains why project control is necessary. Controls are put in place to ensure efficacy throughout the pre-defined project timelines.

As a project manager, it is good to understand how to choose the most effective project controls. You must come up with practical ways of ensuring that the project plan is followed to the latter. A manager should make the change control process of your project clear. This should be the case even with highly experienced certified project managers.

Try to think of a project that has no controls during implementation. Probably, the results could be miserable. Though no one is always right, I suggest that managers should set controls factoring in the size and depth of their project goals.

The project plan or schedule you prepare should help you understand your need for project controls. If you are to build large structures in your company or institution, you need to have several controls. For a manufacturing company that has replaced an existing machine, you need to implement project controls that give you cost benefit analysis. This will enable you to know the value of your new machine to the company.

Setting a Project Control.

Introducing project controls in the middle of the project isn’t much necessary. The project controlling process should begin concurrently with the project. Professional managers control their projects based upon:

  • Creating a valid project scope by defining various aspects of your project.
  • Deciding the team to involve and how to assign the project tasks.
  • Identifying associated risks and creating a risk management plan.
  • Planning and deciding how to deal with team members in case of a change.
  • Choosing the most reliable and appropriate project status monitoring method and duration. You may choose to have in-person meetings or receive written progress reports.
  • Setting up effective communication plans including stakeholders and clients communication.
  • Keeping an up-to-date record of various project expenses and task deadlines.
  • Laying out effective corrective plans that allow for necessary adjustments within the project.
  • Coming up with a project presentation plan that shows what is needed for the presentation and who will do the presentation.


Implementing these controls isn’t the end of your management responsibilities. You must monitor them closely because there is no control in absence of monitoring. With the current competition levels among different enterprises, project control has become a basic requirement for any project success. Even if you may ignore it, the others are working for it round the clock. This will see you lagging miles away despite having tonnes of resources.

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