Why You Need to Find Your Genius with David Phan

When one knows what direction they want to take in life clearly, and they have the determination and drive, nothing can stop them. Many struggle to find their purpose and vision and often feel trapped in a cycle of what this current generation dictates you should do.

Success, however, needs one to find their genius and pursue it to the latter. This is the case with David Phan. He has gone through so much in life and has had to work three times harder compared to other individuals. The school did not favor David Phan, but he found his creative genius and pursued it with grit and enthusiasm.

He is now a person wearing many hats in the creative and entrepreneurship space, manifesting exponential growth.

The Past that Shaped Him

David Phan grew up hating school because he had dyslexia and had to learn differently from others. The education system does not favor people like him. He enrolled in various programs but dropped out because he had no idea what path to take. He was also exposed to financial stress at a young age and thus understood the meaning of hard work.

Despite the hardships, there was still some light in his life, which is music. He loved art, the attention, and bringing people together. Music was his first love, which he took the passion with pleasure and made the best out of the craft. He understands music in and out, from its importance to its effects on people. David Phan is now a very talented artist, entrepreneur, independent business consultant, and PR strategist.

David’s Genius

Other than music David Phan is known for his top-notch digital marketing campaigns from his PR brand. He has a unique and effective business model that delivers custom-made solutions to his clients while eliminating the rigid policies and significant overhead commonly associated with hiring a PR firm. After conquering the PR and Digital Marketing industry, David came back to pursue his first love, music.

His music is pure genius, creative, and one that his audience relates to. It does not matter your mood; you will find a song that suits you from his tracks. His music also has a pulse, captivating rhythm, and tempo. His rhythm is always heartfelt and on repeat. He brings his passion and creativity to all his songs, which come out amazing.

Latest Project

David Phan has just released his first EP called “Speak of the Demon.” The EP begins with the song “Curves,” which features guitars, drums, and an overall song that would make you shake your head in approval. Beats start fast and slowly ebbs into Rallentando. The tracklist further contains songs like Game on, Hit the Road, Circle of Death, So far So great, and Around the Bush. His music is on platforms like Apple and Spotify.

David Phan is genuinely making the best out of his capabilities, making significant changes in the music industry by revolutionizing it. His campaigns are quality, and the work of his hands and mind is simply beautiful. Why not follow your genius and find such beauty in life!





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