Why You Would Need a Music Lawyer Like John Branca UCLA

According to the entertainment attorney John Branca, many musicians wonder when they should hire a lawyer. Here are some prime examples of times when you should hire a music lawyer.

Before Entering an Agreement With Band Members

Chances are, your band members are going to want to have a written agreement. Basically, this contract establishes who owns the songs, how money is distributed, and who holds the name. However, it can also deal with important facts, like what happens when someone wants out of the band, so it is useful to have a lawyer read through these agreements.

Before Developing a Management Agreement

Never sign a management contract before having your lawyer look it over. The language in management contracts is complex, and these agreements will affect your life and career for years to come. The biggest thing your lawyer will look for is sunset clauses that state how long your manager will get paid for. Fortunately, they can help you avoid any bad deals that could ruin your career.

Before Entering a Label Agreement

When getting ready to agree to a label contract, you need your own legal representation present. Sometimes, the label’s lawyer will try to represent both sides. However, having your own lawyer there to have a https://schoolofmusic.ucla.edu/event/a-conversation-with-john-branca-partner-and-head-of-the-music-department-at-ziffren-brittenham-llp/ with you and explain the contract is a good idea. Then, you won’t find any surprises in your contract later on.

Before Agreeing to Licensing Deals

If someone approaches you about a licensing deal, it is time to hire a lawyer. First of all, they will ensure your song isn’t used in a way you don’t want it to be. Second, they will ensure you are compensated fairly for your music.

When You Discover Someone Infringed on Your Copyright

Anytime someone uses your music without permission, steals your work, or copies part of your branding, you should consider suing on the grounds of copyright infringement. According to https://obamascholars.oxy.edu/person/john-branca, these will be court cases, meaning that you will need a litigator. Keep in mind that these are lengthy and expensive processes, but your lawyer will be able to tell you if it is worth it or not.

Sometimes in the music industry, you will want to hire an entertainment lawyer. In fact, there are certain cases where you should have a lawyer. Fortunately, this will generally involve hiring someone to help you understand and negotiate contracts. However, it can require a litigator to help you deal with court cases. For more information click here jio rockers

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