Why Your Employees Mental Well-being Should be Important to You

If you are running a business, your employees’ mental well-being should be right up there on your priority list, and if it isn’t, you and your employees are both missing out.

You might think that their health and well-being is nothing to do with you as an employer, but that could not be further from the right approach. 

Your employees dedicate a significant amount of time and mental and physical energy to your business, which is what makes it turn around!

This piece is going to take a look at exactly why your employees’ well-being should be important to you and your company, so let’s get started.

You Are Only as Productive as You Feel 

Your employees are not robots, and treating them as such will only diminish their capacity and drive to produce quality work. If you find your employees are feeling overworked and stretched to their limit, you can expect this to show in the workplace. 

And, while you are not responsible for their personal life, it will leak into their time which should be for enjoyment and recovery. If that is not possible, they are going from one burnout situation to another.

Taking care of your employees’ mental well-being means they will be able to process work and unwind as they should – which, in turn, should allow them to focus on quality work without struggling.

The Cost of Ignoring Employees Mental Well-being Can Be High

Ignoring clear-cut signs where your employees clearly need additional support could cost you in the long run. Burnout and stress are now commonplace in the workplace, and when pushed to breaking point, you can expect employees to hand in their notice, be signed off from work, or having employees ‘check out’ mentally. 

Not only can this be expensive in the literal sense, as high turnover can be damaging to a company, sick pay can be costly and having to cover shifts or redo work can be a financial burden, but it can also cost time. And many people know that time is the most valuable.

Keep on top of your employees mental well-being with comprehensive employee survey software from This can give you in-depth emotional analytics, so you can better support your employees.  

It Is the Right Thing to Do 

Many employees have the potential to be something of real significance to a business. Employees can offer thinking outside of the box, know your customer base better than you, come up with innovations that can inspire your business to the next level, and will be extremely reliable, especially when you need them the most.

Making sure they are in a healthy workplace environment and that you are doing everything you can to support them while they work for you could be seen as a bare minimum. It is the right thing to do as a human, but also the right thing to do as a business, to someone who has traded their time to help your business thrive.

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