From ice skating to sitting by the fire sipping hot chocolate, winter is a beautiful season. One can spend the time in a lot of ways both locally and while travelling. While the cold is delightful this season, it can ruin the day if one is not adequately equipped. While picking out clothing that keeps one warm is essential, it doesn’t mean one has to compromise on fashion. There are a ton of options in winterwear, from men’s thermals to jackets, that look fabulous while at the same time keep the person warm.

There are many things to consider while picking out clothes for winter. Rich tones and dark colours like navy or charcoal are preferred. Heavy fabrics are also great for staying warm this season. The fit changes depending on layering, but generally, the inner layers should be slim-fitting, with the outer layers getting roomier. The inner layers should also be thinner and lighter, with each outer layer getting thicker and heavier. These are the basic principles to follow to get good outfits when layering clothes. Layering also has other benefits. It allows one to control the warmth by taking off some layers if it gets too warm and putting them back on if it gets chilly. It also allows one to experiment with combinations more. More layers can add a bit of sophistication to outfits.

With all the options and ways to dress up in winter, it may be hard to choose the right outfit. There are many articles in both casual and formal wear to look at, from men’s thermals to hats to scarves. Here are some things that would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

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  • Leather Jacket – The leather jacket is an all-time classic in men’s wear. It is a very versatile piece of clothing and is great as casual wear for winter. One can pair it with a shirt or a t-shirt underneath and denim pants. It is classy and flashy at the same time and gives off serious bad boy vibes. While they’re most common in black, they’re made in colours like navy blue and brown.
  • Pea Coat – The double-breasted coat is a timeless piece of clothing that looks elegant. It is also quite versatile and can be used in both casual and formal settings. It can be worn with a t-shirt and denim jeans for casual outings or with a shirt and pants for formal settings. The coat has one covered on every occasion, from the office to dates.
  • Jeans – Denim jeans are the most commonly used winter clothing in casual settings. They also make their way into formal outfits occasionally. The classic choice among them is black jeans. They’re very basic and can be found in most wardrobes. They are highly flexible and can be paired with almost anything in almost any setting, from formal to casual. Wear them with a leather jacket, a scarf and a nice pair of boots or use them to give a raw feel to one’s woollen suit.
  • Woollen Coats and Blazers – A woollen overcoat is arsenal in a well-dressed man’s wardrobe. It is very classy and also very snug and warm at the same time. Bold colours like navy blue or caramel should go well with most other shades. The woollen blazer is also an excellent choice for winter wear. It makes one’s outfit look casual without compromising on sophistication. There are various colours and designs to choose from.

Apart from clothing, other articles like hats, scarves and boots are also essential to complete a winter wardrobe. Gloves are also one such essential accessory. Care should be taken to get accessories better suited to one’s needs, like smartphone-friendly gloves. A complete winter wardrobe keeps one prepared for all situations that come along with this season.

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