Women’s Activewear: How Do They Impact Your Workout Experience?

Going to the gym and performing your favourite workout routine is more appealing when wearing the perfect clothes. Modern women today like to look fit, healthy and trendy with their sportswear. This is because the right women’s activewear makes a huge difference by preventing blisters, chafing, heat-trapping, wet spots, and other nuisances. In other words, your attire can help make the physical activity more enjoyable.

Mind the Fabrics

Exercising and sweating are not far from each other. Hence, you want activewear that is moisture friendly and absorbent. Such a garment has the ability to remove moisture from the body by pulling it to the fabric surface to evaporate. For this, opt for activewear that is made with performance fabrics such as polyester, nylon, poly blends, spandex, and mesh. They are lightweight and allow for airflow and ventilation, keeping you comfortable, cool, and dry.

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So, whether you are doing yoga, cycling, running, or in a boxing class, the fabrics of your sportswear is a crucial factor to consider.

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Tips for Choosing Your Workout Clothes

Workout Tops

Regardless of the activity you do, you need several tops that you can wear in rotation. Having at least a workout jacket is also useful for covering before and after the activity. French terry, fleece, and cotton jackets are ideal options for your pre and post-workout sessions.

When it comes to workout tops, layering is the key, as well as the right cut for your sports. For example, if you have bigger breasts, your workout top should have a solid sports bra for added support. For smaller breasts, you can find tops that have a built-in shelf bra underneath. When the weather is hot, choose sleeveless tops, as they can help avoid stained and sweaty armpit issues.

Yoga or Pilates involves a wide range of poses. It is best to pick more fitted and longer tops to provide enough coverage, no matter your position. Also, longer cut tops are ideal women’s activewear for cycling, as this helps protect your back from outside elements like the harsh sun while riding outdoors.

Sports Bras

Note that the bigger your breasts are and the higher impact your activity is, the more support and coverage you need for your sports bra. A few tips to consider when buying your sports bra:

For low impact sports, consider wearing a wireless or seamless sports bra that has regular straps. If your bust area needs less support, a plunging or push-up sports bra is a good choice. There are foam inserts for larger busts that offer extra coverage and support.

If you engage in medium-to-high impact sports, you may go for a supportive sports bra with criss-cross straps or racerback, as these will not slide off and disrupt your workout. Look for features such as tag-less construction and flat-lock seams to prevent chafing, adjustable straps for a customized fit, and underwire and foam cups for support.

Workout Bottoms

For your activewear bottoms, there is no arguing that black works well with everything. However, it does not hurt to add several more bottoms to mix with other prints and patterns. Straight leg, Capri leggings, long, and bootcut can increase the comfort factor and style of your overall workout outfit. Also, compression leggings help with blood flow, which can help you recover fast after an intense session.

When starting a new sports activity and looking for women’s activewear, you can start with the basic pieces. You can always develop your sense of style as you get into a groove.

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