Work Stress: Taking care of mental health in the office 

Only the very lucky people look forward to Mondays, when they can go back to work. They do not suffer from the Sunday night apprehension, and the dread of weekend getting over soon. Many view work as something essential, yet unpleasant.

Work can be a source of anguish, especially when it does not fulfil you. Then, there is also the work environment that plays a pivotal role in one’s work experience. It is not uncommon to suffer from toxic colleagues, but there is also the element of office politics. Symptoms of those suffering from mental ailments might actually become worse due to their work as well.

Office work itself can be a great source of stress. The looming deadlines, perpetually dissatisfied bosses, lack of positivity, things going wrong always, dealing with free-loaders and incompetent colleagues, all compound to produce sufficient stress.

It is not always possible to switch jobs; the downside of adulthood and responsibilities is the lack of liberty, especially when it comes to work. Consequently, people have to suffer from much stress and anxiety on account of their job.

Good news is, there are steps that we all can take to improve the symptoms of work-induced stress. However, if its perpetual and disruptive, it is better to seek the help of Psychiatrist in Lahore.


Exercise is great for the mental and the physical health. It helps to produce good hormones, endorphins, that not only promote the feeling of happiness in the body, but also curb the stress hormone as well.

Thus, make regular exercise a part of your daily existence.

Take a break

If your stress levels are running all time high due to your work, pause everything. Take a 10-minutes break to unwind and destress. Watch a funny clip, talk to a good friend, read up something invigorating.

When you distract your mind, you prevent yourself from doing something you will regret later, and also break the vicious cycle of stress.

Breathing exercises and mindfulness

When we are stressed, our body perceives itself to be in danger. Thus, heart starts racing, breaths become short, and some people also have jitters. Breathing exercises are a great way of controlling this stress response.

When we alter our breathing pattern, taking deep and calming breaths, our body also comes out of the stress-zone, and becomes normal.

Similarly, mindfulness is also a great way of controlling stress and anxiety in the body.

Keep your superhuman expectations at bay

Some people take on tasks voluntarily. Others are delegated tasks, and then some. When you take on too much work, you tend to neglect yourself and wellbeing in the race against time. Work does not leave much time for your family either.

Moreover, there is also the fear of burnout. Rather than producing one amazing work, your output consists of many tasks, mediocrely done. All of this, on top of the stress and anxiety the extra workload, more aptly termed as work-induced burden, cause.

Therefore, do not take more tasks than you can do easily. Prioritize yourself and your mental health. Instead of catering to the superhuman work expectations your workplace has for you, ask for help and delegate tasks.

Have an outlet

It is important to have an outlet for all the stress that you harbored during the weekdays. Take up hobbies that you enjoy and utilize them for destressing. Moreover, hobbies that you are good at help in boosting self-esteem.

Many people feel stressed out at work because they feel they are not competent at their job or suffer from inferiority complex due to the knowledgeable set of colleagues. Doing hobbies like sports or crosswords that bolster your self-esteem then also help you feel competent at life as well.

Be less hard on yourself

You cannot win all battles, be good at everything and also have a successful personal life. Let’s leave super-human expectations to Marvel heroes.

Realize that as a human, you are fallible and imperfect. You cannot be great at everything, and frankly, that should not be your aim either. Stop berating yourself over your limitations. If you fall into the spiral of not achieving enough due to high bar you set for yourself, yourself, stress and anxieties are very likely to haunt you.

Therefore, be proud of your achievements, regardless of their outcomes. So, if you worked hard and made yourself proud, it does not matter that you did not win the best employee award.

Seek help from your loved ones

The support that your friends and family can provide should not be discounted. Humans are social animals, and we derive solace from your loved ones. So, when in stress, talk to those you trust. Maybe they are able to offer you the much-needed perspective.

Spending quality times with friends and family also helps to forget work and its stress.

Get professional help

Having mental health issues is not a sign of weakness, nor something to be ashamed of. Relevant especially in the cutthroat world of employment is the important of healthy minds. Thus, do not hesitate to enlist the help of the Psychiatrist in Islamabad when accosted with stress due to your job.

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