Yes, Discourse is the solution to all of our modern social problems.

Sociologists stress the importance of dialogue in which an important issue or topic is discussed and exchanged, relying on the friendly and persuasive method of communication between individuals or between societies, intending to reach a solution that satisfies the interlocutors or the negotiating parties away from intolerance, violence, and exclusion.

Therefore, the language of dialogue is considered a sophisticated civilized tool for resolving all the common contentious issues resulting from the relations between human beings. It also aims to reach a consensus area between the adversaries, and to focus on the common points, as indicated by the scholar Jürgen Habermas in the requirements of dialogue represented in his saying:  “The only acceptable criteria is the validity that one can gain acceptance by all concerned as participants in a practical discussion.” To promote dialogue and exchange of ideas between people, many websites have been created to serve this purpose, such as The Doe.

Dialogue in the societies of the developed world has become a method and a way to address all issues and problems after it has proven its feasibility and benefit. It has a huge effect at a low cost. While in the societies of the third world dialogue is still one of the absent values ​​with its importance and humanitarian necessity at all levels and all affairs. This is clearly shown in the absence of the virtue of dialogue in these societies, the language of exclusion, cancellation, disagreement, and non-acceptance of the opinion and the other opinion prevailed, as it is seen daily in the media and social networks, represented by the exchange of profanity and offensive words. As Socrates said, when dialogue is absent, defamation becomes a tool in the hands of the loser.

The weakness of the culture of dialogue in the hatred of societies has led to tension, turmoil, and chaos in most of the dialogues. Therefore attention should be paid to creating a societal culture in which young people can grow up to respect the other opinion, such as teaching the method and skills of dialogue in the school curricula for students to teach them how to negotiate with others and accept the opinion and the other opinion, and to take care of the culture of dialogue between individuals of the family to instill the values ​​of dialogue as a mechanism of understanding between the different, and as part of human behavior, in addition to intensifying the guiding role of the media to introduce the importance of dialogue and the mechanisms for its application and dissemination as a culture and lifestyle.

And let us remember the well-known saying of Hall: “I may not agree with what you say, but I may sacrifice myself to defend your right to say what you want!”

Not only did the scourge of religious wars in Europe spare Switzerland itself from its evils and conditions, but the national linguistic division between the French, German and Italian people led to more conflicts and disputes. However, the dialogue that took place there between Protestants and Catholics and then between the three countries made Switzerland the most prestigious, prosperous, and stable country in the world.

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