You need to expect these services from a good cross-country mover service.

Moving out from the country and settling down to an unknown one is no less than a nightmare. You can start the long list of things that you need to finish before you plan to move out from your native country. I am sure that the list begins with packing everything and ways of packing out once you reach the destination. Things can get very messy if you fail to choose the perfect helper for this reason. By now, you already understood we are talking about the Green Planet Movers. It is a cross-country mover company that will help you with every step of moving out except for the legal issues. For which they have successfully partnered with freight forwarders and shipping logistics companies on Shiply where you can browse jobs on load boards to see one with direct fit. You also can choose a company according to your choice to fit your requirements. Here is a list that you can follow to hire a cross-country mover before signing up for the deal. Please scroll below. 

Cross country mover facilities

Here is a brief description of the services that you may need to check before signing in the service. 

Cargo Holding facility

Suppose you are moving out from a country that might take more time than you expect initially. So, you may have to wait longer for all the necessary clearance and ideas for the moving out process. In such cases, if you have to keep the cargo in the seaport or airport, it will cost you more than thousands of dollars. Seaports and airports are government property and need to be in function all the time. So, the holding charge of such places is much higher than the standard cargo holding facilities. Here the cross-country mover companies can help you a lot. Usually, big brands with a good reputation can own their cargo facilities to help the customer. You can use their cargo building for a minimal charge than the ports. On the Shiply platform, you can browse thosuands of affordable options of moving companies. It is a convenient option to save some bucks. Saving some money is a great option when moving out of the country and running low on budget. 

Legal aid and helps

Cross-country moving out services will not offer you any legal aid regarding your moving out process. It means the company will not help you get a passport or clear out the customs calculations. But, cross-country moving out companies will certainly help you with the legal matters related to your cargo and shipping. Some materials need special permission, verification, and precautions during transportation due to safety issues. If you do not fill out the customs forms updating all the necessary information regarding the products you are about to transport, it may cost you many fines. Here the cross-country mover companies will help you out with their legal aid wing. The companies usually offer a free consultation before the deal signing segment. You can decide by yourself that if you want to take the paid service where the company fills out all the forms and completes all the formalities in the port on your behalf or not. If you do not choose the paid version, then the company will instruct you about the rules and regulations in detail to complete the procedures without any hassle. It is also a great help from the cross-country moving out companies. 


Necessity forced us to develop many forms of services and facilities to ease up the city lifestyle. Nowadays, we are trying to make the world a single Village where moving out and settling down is easy. A special thanks go to the cross-country moving out services for their great help. Choose your cross-country moving out company wisely to avoid any hassle. 

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