Your guide to choosing the best mechanic’s seat

Working on the underside of a vehicle can be tough on your body, whether you’re doing a DIY project or it’s your daily job. Experiencing back and knee pain after a day of bending down and crouching is unpleasant – and that’s where a mechanic’s seat comes in.

A mechanic’s seat provides a comfortable place for mechanics, technicians and machinists to sit while they work close to or under vehicles and other machinery.

Keep reading to find out how to buy the best mechanic’s seat.


As one of the main reasons for purchasing a mechanic’s chair, comfort is key. All seats should provide optimum comfort by having features such as a soft foam-padded seat. Some types of mechanic’s seat also come with additional support for your back, which makes using the tool for longer periods a lot more bearable.

Height range

Another important factor to think about when purchasing a mechanic’s seat is the height range. Take into consideration the usual height you work at, and also the lowest and highest point you think you’ll need. Certain jobs require you to be at a certain height for accuracy or precision purposes, so it’s important to choose a chair with a flexible height range so it can help you to complete a variety of different tasks with ease.


Castors are fitted onto all mechanic’s seats to help you move from one area to another swiftly, without interrupting your work. The castors should be able to overcome certain small obstacles such as wires, hoses, pebbles,or gravel with ease and, for increased mobility, consider seats with large-diameter wheels.


This factor is only likely to be important for one of two reasons: either you are a mobile mechanic who is always on the go, or you work in a workshop with limited space and need to fold away your mechanic’s seat when it’s not in use to save space. A good seat should be both lightweight and compact so it can be folded and carried around without any hassle.


Many mechanic’s seats incorporate tool trays or whole toolboxes to ensure that tools are readily to hand, which keeps the working area tidy and free of potential trip hazards. This prevents any items from getting misplaced and keeps those all-important tools near you ready to be used whenever they are needed. Others may even include cup holders to keep your drinks upright and close while you work.


There is a wide range of mechanic’s seats on the market today for you to choose from but, as with most things, ones with all the bells and whistles can cost you.

Basic seats are comfortable and simple to use, but you’ll find that deluxe models with extra features can make your work day that little bit easier. That’s why it’s important to have decided your budget beforehand – so you can look for exactly what you need.

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