Your Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Everyone knows that, although your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, it comes with immense pressure and potential for stress. There are so many elements to consider when planning the big day that it’s easy for something to be forgotten, no matter how big or small. To alleviate some of the stress of remembering every detail, here is an overall checklist of what your wedding could include. Of course, everybody is different and all weddings are unique, but this checklist should help you cover most bases.

The Venue or Venues

Your wedding has to happen somewhere, so the venue is one of the more difficult aspects to forget, although small details can slip your mind such as timings and permissions. Make sure that wherever you have booked to host your wedding, whether that’s one or multiple venues, has permission for the kind of event you’re holding. Not everywhere is licensed to host marriages so be wary. Also ask about times to make sure that you aren’t unexpectedly asked to leave a venue due to another booking.

Decorations and Themes

How you decorate and theme your wedding completely depends on your taste and budget. Some people don’t particularly want a strong theme for their big day whereas some are excited by the idea of creating elaborate sets to indulge their fantasies. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, make sure you have everything you need in plenty time. Avoid the stress of hurriedly decorating the morning of the wedding by planning well in advance.


What you and your guests will eat on your big day is a crucial element of the wedding. There are many ways to plan the wedding menu so, in order to prevent wedding day disasters, remember how important it is to keep yourself and your loved ones fed.


The people you invite to your wedding will have a huge impact on where you host the event and how much money you’ll need to spend on catering and transport. Inviting fewer people will keep costs low while maintaining a more intimate atmosphere while having everyone you know attend could make for a fun-filled and exciting day. Just make sure you send invitations and receive RSVPs with enough time before the big day.


Having something special to wear is usually one of the most important considerations for people getting married. If this includes you, make sure your outfit fits and is ready before the wedding, because last-minute deliveries and alterations only add stress.


How do you plan to get from your home to the venue? Are you asking guests to make their own way or will you have transport to pick them up? These considerations are up to you, but arranging them and letting people know beforehand is essential.


The legal part of getting married should be arranged in advance, otherwise you may turn up to your own wedding and leave without the proper certification. This will all depend on where you live and the rules of the location, so do your research ahead of time.

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