Black faucet in bathroom decoration

One of the famous trends is use of black tapware in white bathrooms, typically minimalist and/or Scandinavian styles. At my Homeware, we love this alternative to the micro. A very classic mime and we want to share it with you. Will you like it as much as we do? Chrome faucets are most popular in bathroom taps, either because of their versatility to fit into any style or because there is no real alternative. Black faucets are still not very common. But it’s a gamble. Bring a lot of characters into the bathroom, and why not, we need to consider whether we face challenges in renovating or renovating the bathroom.

Why do we only see black faucets in white bathrooms?

 Black faucets can definitely be combined with a gray, blue or black bathroom! But it’s in that white bathroom. We maximize the power as a decorative element the sheer contrast of the black and white pairing puts unnoticed elements like cork takes center stage. Since now the dominant piece to decorate the bathroom, it is necessary to take care of the design and choice Eye-catching design. When guests walk through the door, it will be the first thing that catches their attention; wouldn’t you notice a single element that is a different color from the other rooms? The introduction of black in taps gives us the opportunity to bet on other black bathroom accessories: stools, towels, glasses, gel jars…. Contrary to what it may seem, these elements do not detract from the decorative power of a black faucet, but they complement it.

All black and white

 If the idea of ​​decorating a space in black and white doesn’t convince you, it might be helpful to suggest a third color light and medium wood they are great allies in the destruction of black and white hegemony. Do not abuse, use on cabinets, sinks or small appliances: chairs or stools.

Black faucet for bathrooms and kitchen

Trends come and go. Some manage to stay for a long time and others disappear when they have barely had time to settle. Of the fashion that we are going to talk to you here we can say that it will be persistent (from what we have been observing). For a few years now, black faucets have been seen more frequently in bathrooms. If you had thought about doing some kind of reform in your house, you can consider putting them, we are sure that you will like it and you will impact your guests.

Black faucet for the bathroom

Although black has usually been avoided in the decoration due to the feeling of coldness it transmits, in small portions it can make a room a much more elegant place. And that is what is intended with the black faucet. Usually with a matte finish, it can be adapted to any type of decoration. Regarding the tones to accompany this black, light colors are usually chosen on countertops and walls that allow the entire protagonist to be focused precisely on these essential bathroom accessories in this way, the taps are no longer just another element of the bathroom and go unnoticed to take on a more relevant role in this part of the house. As a general rule, bathrooms are always tiled, but have you

Did you ever think of a bathroom without tiles? 

For marble walls, wallpaper or micro cement you can also think about this type of taps, especially if you have chosen light colors. As you can see in the photos, it makes a completely different bathroom.

It is possible that as you read this article you think that this faucet has a problem that we have not talked about: lime. Depending on the city you are in, the quality of the water will be very different. And that will negatively influence the maintenance of your faucet. That is why you will have to pay a little more attention because the lime will be much more visible in the black tap than in the traditional one we have in the bathroom. Home remedies are the most effective. We have always heard that the use of lemon or vinegar is “holy hand”. With a cotton ball dipped in either of the two liquids, rub over those areas where the lime is accumulating. Continuous maintenance will make the lime hardly present in your taps.

Black faucet for the kitchen

Although it is not as established as in bathrooms, little by little more and more households are opting for this new trend also in kitchens. There are countless types: single-lever, two-handle, pull-out, old-style taps … all of them in black will also allow you to give a different touch to your kitchen. If you have to carry out any reform in your house and make your kitchen a little more different, do not hesitate, put black taps.

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