What are the features of TVS bikes in 2021?

TVS bikes are known for their performance and a list of exciting features which make the overall ride experience one to cherish. Be it the integration of tech gadgets or advanced aerodynamics, if it is TVS you are sure to enjoy a thrilling experience. TVS Motor Company two-wheeler sales grew 174.67% to 154,416 units in May 2021. What makes TVS bikes such a hit among auto consumers is the ability of the company to stay relevant to the changing times with regular upgrades and updates in the existing bike models. 

The best example being the TVS Apache. It has been a crowd favorite for more than a few decades now. The bike has gone through many changes and transformations in design to be a beauty of a bike in the current scenario. Owing to its popularity, the company has even launched Apache RR in the 300cc segment. 

Top TVS Bike 2021 Features

The essence of TVS bike features is technology. The company integrates tech solutions for better performance and overall ride experience. Especially for the passionate bikers who tend to evaluate every metric, SmartConnect features, for example, are a dream come true.

  • Glide Through Technology

GTT or Glide Through Technology is a much-needed upgrade to assist bikers stuck in traffic jams. We all know how troubling a continuous gear shift can get in heavy traffic, moving at a snail’s pace. This is where Glide Through Technology comes to the rescue. You can easily crawl through the traffic at 10-12kmph (approximately) at any gear without it hitting the throttle.

  • Electronic Throttle Control

Electronic Throttle Control replaces the traditional wire arrangement. Earlier, the accelerator was connected to the throttle in the engine. However, with electronic throttle control, electronic sensors are placed to connect the accelerator with the throttle. ETC also makes gear shift a convenient process irrespective of the ride mode.

  • ETFi Technology

ETFi or Ecothrust Fuel Injection technology is specially integrated for higher fuel efficiency and a smooth ride experience. It is ETFi technology that makes it possible for TVS to bring in new and exciting bike models in the economical segment. With the ETFi technology, you can expect better torque, fuel efficiency, refined exhaust, and plenty of other benefits as well.

  • SmartConnect (Bluetooth enabled system)

Every parameter or metric is made accessible for bike owners on their smartphones with the SmartXonnect app. Everyone has to download the app on their phone to check detailed ride analysis, G-force, best lap, etc. It adds up to the overall excitement of riding a bike wherein you can calculate various metrics to not only understand your bike but to evaluate bike performance.

Currently, TVS produces about 5 different bike models in different class categories. Every bike has its features that form the USP of the respective models. So, if ETFi is the highlight of Radeon, Sport, and StaR City, the highly advanced features of the Apache series prove to be its USP.

If you are looking to buy TVS bikes, you can do so without any inhibitions. Over the years, the company has proved its capabilities and established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the country.

Buy used TVS bikes at an affordable price online

If any of the TVS bikes 2021 are out of your set budget, you can explore the used bikes segment to get your favorite bike at an affordable price. Owing to the high demand for TVS Apache bikes in the pre-owned bike segment, you would not have any trouble finding your favorite bike. You can get an exciting deal with genuine sellers and top-notch bikes. And, if your concern is about price and quality, you can rest assured that you can get reliable bikes listed online. Online providers carry out their quality and performance checks to list every bike for its worth.

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