4 Ideas for Branded Merchandise

Providing brilliant customer service, taking care of your employees, and managing budgets are all key parts of running a successful business. Another essential component for growth in your company is marketing and raising brand awareness. There are many clever marketing strategies you can use to reach your target demographic and beyond, whether that is using digital channels or more traditional routes. However, one thing that consumers love is being able to get merchandise from their favorite brands, and you can sell these items on your online store, hand them out at professional events, and even use them for competition prizes and gift boxes. If you are interested in getting some merchandise to help promote your brand and perhaps even provide another income revenue, here are some ideas that might work for your company.

1.   Clothing

Clothing is always a good idea when it comes to branded merchandise. Not only is attire practical, but it is also a way for people to express their sense of style. Whether you’re putting your logo on t-shirts, beanie hats, baseball caps, sweaters, or vest tops, you’ll likely sell a lot of this type of merchandise. You can even get more experimental with your designs and find more interesting ways to incorporate your brand name or logo into this for more attractive attire.

2.   Coffee Mugs

Whether you enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the mornings or prefer a refreshing herbal tea, everyone has a favorite mug that they like to use every day. For your customers, their new favorite mug could be one bought from your online store that proudly displays your logo, or perhaps even a quote from your company’s tagline or something else that is relevant to your brand. Reusable travel mugs, water bottles, and even glassware are another great option for merchandise if you want to offer more in the dinner/drinkware department.

3.   Novelty Gifts

If you want to inject a little bit of fun into your merchandise selection, you can always explore the option of getting some branded novelty gifts to add to your collection. For example, this custom magic 8 ball could be a lot of fun for your customers to play with when they’re bored. You could also look at getting a branded deck of cards, board games, coloring books and so on.

4.   Tote Bags

Another very popular choice when it comes to branded merchandise is the tote bag. These are very practical items to sell, and your customers can use them when shopping in your stores, or for everyday use to carry around all their essentials, or even just to help them with the grocery shopping. Whether you choose to create a range of beautiful designs or simply have your company logo printed onto the bag, they will certainly do well.

If you would like to start selling branded merchandise on your company website, or even have some free merch to hand out at events, consider the options listed above and see how well they can help boost brand awareness and offer your customers something they’ll love.

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