5 things that you MUST include in your Florida CAM license renewal requirements

As a residential homeowner in a specific region, it is necessary to be part of the community association. A community association is a mandatory membership group for all unit owners, townhouses, or condominiums in residential development. Through this platform, rules governing the use of shared amenities are developed and implemented.

In such a setting, it is essential to have a Community Association Manager, abbreviated as CAM, to run it. The roles of a CAM include;

  • Supervising property maintenance and upkeep of facilities and amenities
  • Conducting administrative roles at the service of the board of directors and other owners
  • Overseeing property’s expenditure and financial management
  • Overseeing homeowner communications
  • Coordinating board meetings
  • Developing and reviewing property policy decisions
  • Conducting site and amenities inspections
  • Ensuring all community association members comply with the regulations

To attain the position of CAM in Florida, you need to be hired by either the board of directors or a property management company. But still, you need to fulfill the minimum requirements, including passing a CAM certification course.

CAM license renewal

After attaining your Florida CAM license, you need to know that it has an expiration date. Therefore, to still legally operate as a CAM, you need to renew it continually. The Florida CAM license expires on September 30th of every even-numbered year, according to legislation. Therefore, the next renewal is scheduled for 30th September 2022.

Similar to the license application, the renewal is a step-by-step process since you need to show proof of competency. Below is stipulated information on your Florida CAM license renewal requirements

Complete 15 hours of CAM continuing education

The first step to renewing your Florida CAM license is completing a 15-hour continuing education course. Each hour comprises 50 minutes of instruction on various areas. In essence, the 15-hour course is equally divided into 3 hours in the following course;

  • Legal updates instructions. During this course, you will attend legal seminars that give you updates on any legislative amendments, case law, and regulations impacting community association management.
  • Insurance and finance instructions
  • Instructions on managing and operating the community association’s physical property
  • Human resource topics regarding community association management. The human resource topics include but are not limited to employee relations, disaster preparedness, communication skills on how to deal with residents and vendors.
  • Instructions on relevant elective courses.

Submission of continuing education hours

It is mandatory to submit your continuing education hours to the Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR), which is the regulatory body for continuing education. Failure to submit leads makes the renewal to be null and void.

Application for license renewal

The next step involves going to the DBPR website and applying for the license after meeting the minimum requirements. you will need to follow the instructions on the website and submit your application

Pay license fee

The next Florida CAM license requirement involves payment of the fees. You need to pay the $105 fee to complete the process.

Pick your renewed license

After completion of all the requirements, be sure to pick your renewed license as proof of compliance.

Conclusively, it is mandatory to have an up-to-date CAM license. License renewal happens after every two years on September 30th. Therefore, you need to fulfill all the Florida CAM renewal requirements before the deadline.

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