Should you buy a proxy?

Many people use proxies today. However, first you need to figure out what it is, since not all people know about it. Proxies are an intermediary between the site and the client. If you want to buy a proxy, then you should go to, for example, website. The catalog contains a wide range of proxies from different countries. The user will be able to choose the appropriate option, as well as the rental period.

What are proxies for?

Proxies are most often used for the following purposes:

  1. Anonymity. Proxies provide anonymity on the Internet. This is the most demanded function, since recently more and more people are drawn into scandals related to identity theft. Well-known social networks are also involved in scandals, which leaked information. Using a proxy allows you to exclude the appearance of targeted advertising and various offers related to search queries. It should be noted that not all proxies have this feature.
  2. Gaining access to the site where the user’s IP was banned. A person will be able to go to any site, since proxies perform IP spoofing.
  3. Protection against hacker attacks. The user is completely protected from this, since hackers see the IP of the proxy, and not the real user.

These are not all the functions that proxies perform. You can find more at proxy-rarbg.


There are several types of proxies. The main ones are:

  • Transparent. Here, the IP address is simply spoofed, but the data is not hidden. Most often, such proxies are used by educational institutions;
  • Anonymous. One hundred percent anonymity is ensured here. The IP address is changed, and the user’s identity is hidden;
  • Distorting. Here the data is substituted, but not hidden;
  • Private. This option is suitable for the paranoid, as the IP address changes regularly.

Anyone can choose the option that suits them.

Thus, on the site, anyone can go to the site and purchase suitable proxies. The company offers a large number of proxies from different countries. If you have any questions, it is possible to turn to specialists for help.

Proxy benefits

Client hiding is possible because proxies generate service level requests on behalf of their clients. It’s not just a change. Clients refer to the proxy as the target server. Only service level messages (such as HTTP) are sent through the proxy server, not TCP or IP packets. The lower layer protocol packets are regenerated by the proxy. So this is a completely different mechanism from NAT, although the effect is similar. URL blocking is done by comparing the URL against a list of blocked addresses. However, this can be avoided by using numeric addresses rather than names, since the full text of the URL is usually checked. Required internet usage is easier to enforce by telling employees to track their access rather than blocking.

Content filtering can remove certain items from the payload. These can be ActiveX controls, Java applets, large graphics files, executable binaries sent as email attachments. A consistency check is a check for compliance with a protocol. This eliminates or at least limits the use of incorrectly formatted data to exploit system vulnerabilities. For example, earlier versions of sendmail had a buffer overflow problem. If there is more data (up to the end-of-file tag), then usually executable code was placed there, allowing the superuser to access the mail server. A similar error was found in IIS4. The buffer overflow problem also occurred in early browsers when URLs longer than 256 characters were entered. However, the client learns about such vulnerabilities only after they have been neutralized.

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