Solving and Preventing Problems In Football

Phase five is the ability to hone problem-solving and problem-prevention skills. You must establish a framework for order and organization. All members of the football family need assistance from the head coach in making critical decisions about behavior. You should know read the golf holidays direct reviews. The golf holidays helps you to recognize the best golf holidays in the world. 

Many outstanding coaches have recommended a priority system of God and faith first, family and academics second, and football third. That prescription works for us. Suppose a player has a family member who selects a fall football Saturday for a wedding. What should the player do, attend the wedding or his game? If family matters are a higher priority than football, then the player should attend the wedding.

This exact situation has occurred several times, and we have encouraged players to attend the wedding. By establishing a precedent, future decisions of this type become free of anguish and dismay. Give examples to your players of how they must establish priorities in their lives. Teach them to be appropriately dedicated to their teammates.

Academic demands on student-athletes can be a source of problems for players and coaches. At times, players must be late for practice because of classes and labs. Meetings with professors often occur in the afternoon when the professor has time to spend quality minutes with the student. Do not allow these academic requirements to create tension and anxiety in your players.

Please work with your players to see that they have a fair schedule for their major. Help them plan for efficient study opportunities. Review with them the techniques for effective listening and note-taking in class. Insist on promptness for all football-related activities so that players will form the habit of promptness. Do all the simple things in your power to assist the academic development of your players.

Remember to refer student-athletes to the specialists on your campus. Being football coaches does not make us experts in all areas. Use the resources of your institution to the benefit of your players. Remember the basic purpose and mission of the institution and help to achieve that mission.

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Discuss problems that former players are dealing with. Tell of both successful outcomes and failures. Ask the men to identify problems they see their classmates experiencing. Often they will tell you of problems they are experiencing themselves. Listen carefully for hints about problems so that you can work for solutions before things get out of hand.

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